Shipping and return policies for Heilung

Shipping Info
Shipping Info

All items are shipped via POST Danmark.

From the day you place the order, we'll ship the item(s) the following week.

(A Prioritaire)

Denmark: | 5 € | Shipping: 1-2 Days
EU: | 7 € | Shipping: 2-3 Days
Outside EU: | 7 € | Shipping: 3-5 Days + local toll times
Return Policy
1 Damaged/stolen items.

If the merchandise we send you is damaged in anyway or stolen doing the shipping, then we'll send you a new one without extra costs.

You can contact us directly via bandcamp.

2 Return policy

We do not take back anything not purchased directly from this store. And we dont take back used items. KEEP YOUR INVOICE!! If for some strange reason you didn't receive an invoice from us, then contact us. also be sure that the email you typed when purchasing from this site actually works!

3 Return policy Digital

its pretty impossible to return a downloaded copy.. so nope, no return policy here!

4 Contact

If you have read point 1 to 3 and still have problems or any other issues with our products, contact us! we are ready to help you as fast as possible. Normally we reply within 9 days.