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    This is the pre-sale of the Heilung Ofnir CD & Art Book.

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    This is a custom made art book that has been years in the making. It is bound in black fabric and measure ≈ 17 x 17 cm ( ≈ 6,69 x 6,69 in ). The Heilung logo is pressed into the front in matte silver. The 116 inner pages contain lyrics, explanations of what we sing, atmospheric pictures from the north, custom fonts, runes, designs, and petroglyphs. The CD is mounted in a custom build tray.

    We expect the first shipments to go out the 10th of May 2017. It might happen a little earlier or later depending on the pressing plant.

    The nine special limited versions:

    Heilung will choose nine amongst you. The nine will receive a very special limited edition consisting of this Heilung Ofnir CD & Art Book, a stitched patch with the Heilung logo, a number (1-9) handwritten by us, and a piece of bronze jewelry designed by Master Kai.

    This release is 100% designed, produced and published by Heilung. When purchasing this Art Book & CD you support us directly, and we thank you for that!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Ofnir via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    shipping out on or around May 10, 2017

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Feoh byth frofur fira gehwylcum
sceal dheah manna gehwylc miclun hyt daelan
gif he wile for drihtne domes hleotan

Ur byth anmod ond oferhyrned
felafrecne deor feohteþ mid hornum
maere morstapa thaet is modig wuht

Dhorn byth dhearle scearp dhegna gehwylcum
anfeng ys yfyl ungemetum rethe
manna gehwelcum dhe him mid restedhdh

Os byth ordfruma aelere spraece
wisdomes wrathu ond witena frofur
and eorla gehwam eadnys ond tohiht

Rad byth on recyde rinca gehwylcum
sefte ond swithhwaet dhamdhdhe sitteth on ufan
meare maegenheardum ofer milpathas

Cen byth cwicera gehwam, cuth on fyre
blac ond beorhtlic, byrneth oftust
dhaer hi aedhelingas inne restath

Gyfu gumena byth gleng and herenys
wrathu and wyrthscype and wraecna gehwam
ar and aetwist dhe byth othra leas

Wenne bruceth dhe can weana lyt
sares and sorge and him sylfa haefth
blaed and blysse and eac byrga geniht

Haegl byth hwitust corna hwyrft hit of heofones lyfte
wealcath hit windes scura weortheth hit to waetere sydhdhan

Nyd byth nearu on breostan weortheth hi theah oft nitha bearnum
to helpe and to haele gehwaethre gif hi his hlystath aeror

Is byth ofereald ungemetum slidor
glisnath glaeshluttur gimmum gelicust
flor forste geworuht faeger ansyne

Ger byth gumena hiht dhonne God laeteth
halig heofones cyning, hrusan syllan
beorhte bleda beornum ond dhearfum

Eoh byth utan unsmethe treow
heard hrusan faest hyrde fyres
wyrtrumun underwrethyd wyn on ethle

Peordh byth symble plega and hlehter
wlancum on middum dhar wigan sittath
on beorsele blithe aetsomne

Eolh-secg eard haefth oftust on fenne
wexedh on wature wundath grimme
blode brenedh beorna gehwylcne
dhe him aenigne onfeng gedeth

Sigel semannum symble bith on hihte
dhonne hi hine feriath ofer fisces beth
oth hi brimhengest bringeth to lande

Tir bith tacna sum healdedh trywa wel
with aethelingas a bith on faerylde
ofer nihta genipu, naefre swiceth

Beorc byth bleda leas bereth efne swa dheah
tanas butan tudder bith on telgum wlitig
heah on helme hrysted faegere
geloden leafum lyfte getenge

Eh byth for eorlum aethelinga wyn
hors hofum wlanc dhær him hæleth ymbe
welege on wicgum wrixlath spraece
and bith unstyllum aefre frofur

Man byth on myrgthe his magan leof:
sceal theah anra gehwylc odhrum swican
fordhum drihten wyle dome sine
thaet earme flaesc eorþan betaecan

Lagu byth leodum langsum gethuht
gif hi sculun nethan on nacan tealtum
and hi saeyþa swythe bregath
and se brimhengest bridles ne gymedh

Ing waes aerest mid East-Denum
gesewen secgun o he sidhdhan est
ofer waeg gewat waen aefter ran
dhus Heardingas dhone haele nemdun

Ethel byth oferleof aeghwylcum men
gif he mot dhaer rihtes and gerysena on
brucan on bolde bleadum oftast

Daeg byth drihtnes sond, deore mannum,
maere metodes leoht, myrgth and tohiht
eadgum and earmum eallum brice

Ac byth on eorthan elda bearnum
flaesces fodor fereth gelome
ofer ganotes baeth garsecg fandath
hwaether ac haebbe aeþele treowe

Aesc bith oferheah eldum dyre
stith on stathule stede rihte hylt,
dheah him feohtan on firas monige

Yr byth aethelinga and eorla gehwaes
wyn and wyrthmynd, byth on wicge faeger
faestlic on faerelde fyrdgeatewa sum

Iar byth eafix and dheah a bruceth
fodres on foldan, hafath faegerne eard
wætre beworpen dhaer he wynnum leofath

Ear byth egle eorla gehwylcun
dhonne faestlice flaesc onginneth
hraw colian hrusan ceosan
blac to gebeddan bleda gedreosath
wynna gewitath wera geswicath


from Ofnir, released June 2, 2015
Christopher Juul, Kai Uwe Faust



all rights reserved


Heilung Denmark

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